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H2 Overview

Bedrock’s patented technology is helping to make the Hydrogen Economy a reality.

  • Bedrock embraces the concept of on-site generation and storage of Hydrogen.
  • Avoids embrittlement issues inherent with the storage of hydrogen.
  • Double walled storage is designed to contain a failure.
  • A complete failure still isolates the risk of fire or explosion to an underground silo designed to control such events.
  • Much safer and more cost effective than above ground storage.
  • Completely scalable design for any size project.
  • Cellular design allows for storage to remain operational when maintenance is performed.
  • One acre can contain 10 million cu ft of natural gas or 41,700 kg of hydrogen
  • Prototype testing to 7400 psi
    Type 1 Storage - 23rd & Santa Fe
    Bedrock’s original storage was designed for natural gas and is a different configuration using the same materials and technology for containment. Bedrock’s original design has been in continuous use since 2016 with no issues. On-site, large volume storage is key in the a transition to a Hydrogen economy. Bedrock storage pods are the answer.