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Bedrock gas storage is comprised of 7 joints of 13 3/8” API casing that are hung or cemented in a silo that extends down to a depth of about 50 ft. Each silo is referred to as a “Pod” and it holds about 75,000 cubic feet of natural gas or 300 kg of hydrogen.

Pods are constructed in groups which are referred to as a “Pod Farm”. A Pod Farm can be any size. And because the storage is oriented vertically, a Pod Farm can store millions of cu ft of gas in less than an acre of space.

CNG Specs

  • Pressure Rating – 4600 psi, max – 4900 psi
  • Pressure rating H2 – 10,290 psi
  • Yield Strength – 7400 psi
  • Temperature Rating – 0°-150°F Note that geothermal gradient keeps silo temp above ambient temp in cold climates.
  • Design Life – Indefinite (60+yrs from fatigue modeling). Maintenance depends on installation type.
  • Modular design allows for maintenance while storage is in service.
  • Integrity Management – realtime gas sensors, realtime pressure monitoring, remote valve actuation, routine monitoring of shut in pressure, routine physical inspection.
  • Regulatory Requirement – NFPA1, DNV in progress, API 6A, 5C5, 5CT